Custom Countertop Shapes

Posted on 06/03/2010 at 8:15pm


Cambria Quartz Curve

One of the biggest ways to make a “Splash”(and we’re not talking about a backsplash here) with your remodel project is by customizing your countertop shape.

Custom shapes can make your kitchen or bathroom a real reflection of your distinct style.  Custom shapes are unique, make a bold statement, and add a very personal touch. 

Sink Slopes: Crescent Sink

There is often an additional cost for such a design, but through curves and angles, your project is guaranteed to deliver that WOW factor!The styles pictured within this post make an impact and leave a lasting impression. 

Cambria Quartz, Wilsonart®HD® Laminate, and Meganite Solid Surface can all be customized to maximize the wow factor with curves, slopes, narrow, wide, and custom angles.

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