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Wilsonart HD High-Definition Laminate Videos

Posted on 09/24/2010 at 6:48pm

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Wilsonart HD GREENGUARD Certified

Posted on 05/28/2010 at 3:23pm

Wilsonart HD High Definition Laminate has not only received GREENGUARD® Certification for Indoor Air Quality and Children & Schools, but it is also composed of a minimum 20% post-consumer recycled content (that’s all those cardboard boxes we recycle). While we don’t have a solution for recycling a laminate countertop today, we’re working on it. Meanwhile, you can count on your Wilsonart HD countertop to keep its good looks and high performance for years to come.

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15 Reasons Wilsonart HD Works for You

Posted on 05/05/2010 at 10:43pm


  1. Why does Wilsonart® HD® cost more than other laminates? Wilsonart® HD® is the result of the latest technological innovations that offer vastly improved looks combined with 3 times the wear resistance of the industry standard. It is truly a unique product, and it is still much less expensive than solid surfacing, engineered stone or granite.
  2. What does “Premium” mean for a laminate? Most simply, “premium” means that there may be an additional charge for the laminate due to a special design or finish. Some premium designs, such as the Wilsonart® HD® designs, also have enhanced features like durability. For more information, visit Wilsonart HD.
  3. What finishes are available for my pattern? Generally there is only one standard finish for any pattern. By “finish”, we mean the textural surface of the laminate sheet. We select the best finish for each pattern and list that as the “standard.” While other finishes may be available, they are usually for special needs applications in commercial areas like hospitals, stores, offices, etc.
  4. Where can I find dealers for Wilsonart Laminate? You should be able to find dealers, fabricators and installers by looking in your yellow pages under “Kitchens”, “Countertops” or “Remodelers”. You can also visit the Wilsonart Locator on our website and type in your zip code for a list of showrooms where you can see our Wilsonart® HD® and other laminates.
  5. How can I tell what colors are in a particular pattern? The best way to see what a particular pattern looks like is to order a sample and look at it in the same light as it will be used in (lighting is very important).  You can search for designs by color family by visiting our View Samples page. This will help you identify the main color in a pattern, and may help you narrow down the number of samples you’ll want to look at.
  6. How do I see all your current colors? Visit our View Samples page and click on The Standards. The Standards is our complete line of readily available laminate. Our newest designs are listed by Series; you can also view designs by selecting a specific series on this page.
  7. I don’t like the brown line that you see on the edge of a laminate countertop. Is there a way to avoid it? Yes. The seam you are referring to created by a traditional “self-edge” or square edge fabrication (the core edge of the top surface is exposed). There are many edge treatments that hide or eliminate the brown line. A beveled edge is created with a molding that attaches to the front of the counter, hiding the seam and the brown line. Wood edges in a variety of profiles can be stained to match cabinetry.
  8. What are Wilsonart® HD® sinks? Wilsonart® HD® sinks are a solid surface composite made from 100% acrylic resin. They have no fillers or mineral additives.
  9. Can Wilsonart® HD® sinks be under-mounted in a High Pressure decorative Laminate countertop? Yes, they can be under-mounted to any type of countertop, laminate, solid surface, quartz, natural stone or any other countertop material is perfect for the beauty and performance of Wilsonart® HD® sinks.
  10. What is thermal shock and how does it relate to Wilsonart® HD® sinks? Thermal shock occurs when a product is exposed to a dramatic change in temperature. Wilsonart® HD® sinks are extremely thermal resistant, due to the combination of the 100% acrylic surface material and fiberglass backing material.
  11. Why do the Wilsonart® HD® sinks have a fiberglass backing? The fiberglass re-enforcement layer gives Wilsonart® HD® sinks superior strength and rigidity. It assists in sound absorption and insulation.
  12. What colors are available in Wilsonart® HD® sinks? Wilsonart® HD sinks are available in True White and Ivory.
  13. Will normal use of Wilsonart® HD® sinks with standard kitchen items such as sharp objects, pots, and pans cause damage to the laminate edge?  The seam between a Wilsonart® HD® sink or bowl and laminate are designed to be extremely high-bond strength seams. The adhesive is WA8230-LS and is specifically designed for laminate and acrylic seams. Small nicks and scratches may develop over time, but can be easily removed with slight sanding using standard sand-papers and finishing with a Scotch-brite pad.
  14. Will the use of Wilsonart® HD® sinks/bowls in high moisture areas affect the exposed laminate edge created by under-mounting?  No, internal and independent thermal cycle water testing directed at the laminate edge has not revealed any laminate damage or change to the laminate.
  15. Are seams between Wilsonart® HD® sinks/bowls and laminate durable enough to withstand moisture changes and extreme weight when filled with kitchen items and water?  Yes, the use of WA8230-LS enhances the strength of the seam area up to 10 times stronger than any other recommended adhesive for this area. WA8230 was specifically designed for laminate to acrylic bonding and performs at high levels when evaluated by water cycle testing and high strength bond testing in internal and independent testing facilities.
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