Which Home Improvements Make Cent$?

Posted on 09/04/2010 at 12:25am

You don’t have to go overboard when making home improvements.  Small upgrades can go a long way in increasing your home value.

  • Complete Kitchen Renovation vs. Countertop Replacement and Cabinet Refacing

Why renovate the entire kitchen, when you can upgrade your countertops, sand your cabinets and replace the fixtures.  You’ll be surprised at the look of your kitchen.

  • Installing a New Pool vs. Adding a Deck

There’s no need to add on a complete patio when the addition of a deck can increase your chances of selling your home… and you might make a few extra bucks too.  Decks are a great way to add value to your home.  Additionally, a nice deck is something that you’ll come to enjoy all summer long.

  • An Extra Bathroom

This is an upgrade that is sure to increase the value of your home.  In fact, it could be the reason a buyer chooses your property over another.  It can also be the reason a buyer walks.  Most buyers today demand at least two full bathrooms.  You can add on an extra bathroom (full or half) with minimal costs, nice upgrades to countertops and flooring, and still make that back upon the sale of your home.

  • Green Upgrades

Green upgrades are relatively new, but common questions involve the cost of electric and water bills.  Potential buyers want a solid estimate of what their monthly expenses will be and that definitely includes utilities.  So, if you can show the energy efficiency of green upgrades, you’ll step up your property’s resale value.

  • Landscaping

Nothing makes a strong first impression like a well-manicured garden.  You may even enjoy gardening, so this upgrade could be the least expensive and most beneficial.  Add perennials or annuals, plant a tree, have fun with it!

This topic is popular, you can check out the Wall Street Journal‘s SmartMoney article on Which Home Improvements Pay Off by clicking here. 

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